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We respect and are committed to protecting the privacy of the customers and visitors to our website. We are also committed to the security of the data we collect for site using, and the trust and confidence of visitors who frequent this site. That's why we want you to understand when we collect and use information about you, the actions we take to protect your privacy and our commitment to data security. Because your privacy is important, Mobile Monday Moscow will not sell, rent or trade your personal information except as outlined in this privacy statement.

This Privacy Policy lets you know how your personal information is processed and used.

How we collect information

Our primary goal in collecting personal information is to provide you with the best and most useful content and services. In all cases providing Mobile Monday Moscow this information is voluntary; however, if you do not provide it we will be unable to respond you. We may collect information from you as a part of a process of downloading its software, as a part of your response to an offer or your request for our information. Mobile Monday Moscow also automatically collects certain technical information, such as the type of browser your use, the domain name of the web site you used to link to our web site, the type of operating system you use, etc. None of this information can be used to identify you.

COOKIES: Mobile Monday Moscow does set cookies. They are used to authenticate a user during a session on our web site and are not otherwise used.

The information we collect

We collect your name and your email address from most communications with us. Mobile Monday Moscow may also collect your postal address, company, and telephone numbers, in addition to your name and email address, depending on what you respond to as described above. If you order products or services directly from Mobile Monday Moscow, and if you provide your credit card number, it will be encrypted. Except with respect to your particular transaction, we do not make any other use of credit card numbers. Our web site contains links to other companies' web sites and each of these companies may have its own privacy policy. Mobile Monday Moscow is not responsible for any information you provide to any other company even if you link to it from our site. This includes any information provided to a third party for orders of products.

Your preferences: opting out

You can change your mind about receiving additional information, or request that we not share your information either with our subsidiaries or other third parties, at any time. To tell us that you no longer want to receive information, please email us.

Policy changes

We may change our privacy policy at any time. Please check Mobile Monday Moscow web site periodically to see what changes might have been made. You may also email our web master at. For any questions or comments you can also contact us by email:
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