Mobile Monday Birthday Awards Contest of the best projects on Ukraine's mobile market

On November 19 Kyiv hosted the first contest of the best projects on Ukraine's telecom market organized in honor of the Mobile Monday Ukraine Anniversary event. 8 projects were competing in 2 nominations. The winner in the nomination The best project from the Ukrainian content provider became the project Mobile mail from MTC by Point Com according to both the audience and the jury. In the second nomination The best novelty for the Ukrainian market the jury chose the project UKRSHOP.COM from Unicom Systems. The audience's favorite in this nomination became Video Communication from Utel which was presented for the first time in Ukraine.

Apart from the projects-winners other nominees presented a number of solutions deserving attention; each of them already either won its audience in Ukraine or has great perspectives on the national market. The following projects competed:

BrodiMobi from Solvo
3D Technology from NETSOFTWARE
MobileAds from ArMobi from Patisson
OMNIUS from GuardSec

The Jury consisting of Sergei Samokrik (MTS Ukraine), Roman Savvin (Kyivstar), Natalia Lymar' (life :)), Tatiana Usenko (Beeline), Sirous Kavehercy (Acision) and Eric Franke, the event moderator (now an independent consultant on the CIS market formerly running large telecom companies in Kyiv and Moscow) noted the novelty of each presented project as well as high level of the speakers' preparation. The event guests representing all major players on the mobile market asked each speaker a lot of tricky questions paying special attention to prime cost of the presented solutions, the cost of services for final users, convenience and availability of each solution for current subscribers of Ukrainian mobile operators.

It should be noted that the contest winners deserved their title by right as they managed to present the most interesting for Ukrainians solutions. Thus, mobile mail by Point Com allows getting messages from several e-mail addresses, working with address book and attached files of various formats, setting frequency of receiving SMS-notifications as well as “working with mail during vacation in any part of the world which removes the necessity of bringing laptop with you everywhere” as mentioned Arkady Mazin, Director of Point Com. UKRSHOP.COM, mobile discount systems, from Unicom Systems was chosen by the jury members as the best project for mass market owing to which brands and their fans get more mutual pleasure and benefits from loyalty programs, discount systems and targeted mobile marketing. Besides, users of mobile discount system don't need to carry a pile of discount plastic cards with them. And finally, video communication from Utel became the audience's favorite due to the possibility of not only hearing but also seeing your friends and close people which was demonstrated by Utel representatives in real time during their presentation.

Also at Mobile Monday Ukraine Anniversary event Irina Piven' representing IKS-Consulting spoke about this year tendencies and market changes. According to Irina the major events on the Ukrainian telecom market became saturation of mobile communication market (penetration by the beginning of 2007 was 105%), activation in 3G segment, improvement of quality and cost reduction of mobile Internet services, test launch of mobile TV which is forecast to be launched in revenue service in 2008.

Organizers and constant Mobile Monday visitors hope that Mobile Monday contests will become a good tradition due to which the best solutions will be always noted by experts and potential users while the market leaders will have an opportunity to share valuable experience with their colleagues.

Presentations of the contest nominees and photo gallery are available on

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